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"Danny" Character Profile

Post by Macmillan on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:28 am

PAST WORK DETAILS: Mercenary, Caravan Guard
BIRTHPLACE: Dallas, Texas
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Spanish


NAME: Unknown
ALIASES: Danny, Dan
AGE: 25-29?
HEIGHT: 6 feet
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Blue


Mercenary: Whether it was Shop Guard, Body Guard, Bounty Hunter, or Caravan Guard. You name it, Danny any risky job no one else wanted to do if the caps were right. He learned how to fight and move from several other mercenaries.But it also will take a toll on Danny as this line of work injuries like Bullet wounds, Shrapnel, and broken bones is common.  
Bladed Combat: Whether its something small like a switchblade or something big like a sword, Danny knows how to handle his cutlery. He prefers guns over a blade any day but when he has to use a blade he surely doesn't mind.
Firearms: Guns, Guns, guns... Pistols, SMG's, Assault Rifles, Long Rifles, Shotguns. Whatever you give Danny he will know how to use it, manage it, and clean it more clean than a vault. It comes from his line of work as a mercenary he is comfortable around firearms, making this gunfighter great in a shootout.
Tobacco Addiction: Who can blame him on how shitty, boring, and nerve racking the Atomic United States can be now-a-days, plus the ignorance of the harmful affects and chemicals found within cigarettes..
Hand-to-hand combat: Danny is the build of a Fullback, so tossing ghouls and most wastelands around is easy for him, and its going to take more than one or two punches to bring this man down. But there is always that one needle within the haystack that can pop his bubble surely.  
Cooking/Survival: Danny knows allot about cooking his food. Whether how to cut mutants for meat or ways to make food taste better, Danny is a natural born chef. But being a cook in a restaurant isn't in his best interest as mercenary work gives more caps.

Utmost Hate, Suspicious, Neutral, Indifferent, like/follow, Idolize

Rangers: They seem alright. I saved one from a feral ghoul so I guess we are both on good terms. The same chick also fixed up vault-kid's arm after he got attacked by a "Vaulter".  
Vaulters: I honestly dunno about these dudes. One of them cut the arm of a kid for his pib-boy so to me they are a bunch of fucking bandits.

Hated, Not Liked, Suspicious, Neutral, indiffrent, Okay with, Friends, Comrades, Family/loved ones

Sebastian Sharp: A ghoul who survived the Deathclaw attack on the Caravan and the tunnel collapse. Before the war he was ex-military in the "Canadian" army?
"Dawn": A tribal woman who like Seb, survived the Deathclaw attack on the caravan and the tunnel collapse. She can fight, i'll give her that.
Chris Vega: Man who wandered into red rock roughly a day after it was established. Man has some good ideas and is a man of sense during stressful times, but I dunno if he should just be the man who is in charge off the bat.
Andrew O'Kenny: A kid who was from a vault. I respect that he doesn't have a "I'm better than you because I was from a vault" attitude, but he is way to reckless in his nature and I have to help him out sometimes with fights. I wonder if he would pay back these favors
Hoshkio Yatkisa: Asian woman who me, Seb, and Dawn found in the Red Rock garage before it was established. We helped her build the town and get tools for the construction protectron.
Kora: A kid from a tribe. I seem to be the only one she is okay with as I am "The only okay grown-up" as she says.
"Noma": Wastelander who is known for his silly hat. He was with the initial group during the caravan attack with the scorpion and raider. Never really seen him around or as of much lately so I can't say what I think about him for sure.
John Schmit: Honestly I don't know anything about him. Never seen him fight or scavenge, but always seen him at the campfire making conversation.
Alecia Hall: Like vault kid she is a vault dweller, and like Vault Kid I respect she doesen't have that shitty Vault Dweller attitude towards us wastelanders. More mature and less reckless version who is a chick. Scavenged a few times with her so she seems okay

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