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Post by Noahleahy on Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:21 pm

This restoration of Windswept is something that I've looked forward to ever since I was given the info that it was in the remaking. Everything I've seen in the early build is rather impressive but I think that one thing that is missing is the ability to apply for characters in the last Windswept, people who came from the last especially like to bring the characters back, and possibly interact with some characters they recognize, and new ones as well. Also, if applications for these characters are accepted they should have their gear with them, sometimes a character seems nothing like how they were before when they had gear, or obviously seemed awkward without what they had. I know several people from the old Windswept community that would appreciate the process of applications in order to bring back their old characters, and the gear that they had gained from their struggles in the last windswept, or beforehand. That also leaves the fact that newer people can apply as well, so they can possibly get a mutant character, or follow through with an idea for an interesting character.

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